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Residential Custom-built Villas

A splendid, gated community for a select few: Residential Custom-built Villas @Sangamam for a dream home or dependable investment..
The Residential Custom-built Villas at Sai Srushti Sangamam offer living, lifestyle, health, exclusivity, prestige, open spaces, and a good life for children or for people wishing to lead a relaxed or retired life in a serene and splendid community that is fully secure. It ticks all the right boxes for either building your dream home or future investment.  
Please check the Master Plan and contact Us Sangamam now for the best residential Custom-built Villas in and around Hosur!

What makes buying a residential Custom-built Villas at Sangamam the best bet?

The home is where people typically spend most of their time, a common venue for social contact and, for most people, a major financial and personal investment. One’s choice of residence also reflects one’s choice of the surrounding neighborhood, which has a significant impact on one’s well-being and quality of life.
Regardless of whether you’re a first-time purchaser or an existing property holder hoping to upgrade your living and owning a Custom-built Villas , purchasing a property in a gated community serves the dual advantage of opting for a better living and a prudent investment. For your convenience, please note that we no longer sell plots; we exclusively offer custom-built villas. Choose from a range of custom-built villa options based on your preferences and plot size: For a 1500 sqft plot size, you can opt for a G+1 villa with a build-up area of 2250 sqft. If you have an 1800 sqft plot, you can select either a build-up area of 2250 sqft or 2700 sqft. For a 2000 sqft plot, enjoy the flexibility of a G+1 villa with a build-up area ranging from 2250 sqft to 2900 sqft. With a 2100 sqft plot, choose a G+1 villa with a build-up area ranging from 2250 sqft to 3090 sqft.

Lifestyle value as the main reason for preferring to live in a gated community, lifestyle of gated communities focus mainly on leisure activities and recreational and shared services, it requires large master-planned communities with open spaces and recreational services. Gated communities offer not only a good life but also leisure and recreation in a clean secured environment suitable for families.

What it takes to be called a great gated community?

A gated community is a residential community or housing property having a name and exact geographic demarcation set apart by the boundaries and gates that control access to the area. One can spot gated communities in any location including cities, towns, and even the outskirts. Things that strike our minds are expensive homes, luxury lifestyles, royal amenities, and superb specifications. Yes, all of these may be a part of a gated community.

Safety & privacy

The primary advantage of living inside a gated community is the possibility that you have an elevated feeling of security, which is a major ordeal, particularly for those with youngsters. You need to guarantee that your children experience childhood in a sheltered domain, which implies bringing them up in a group with a border fence, 24-hour security, and a watched post that shields anti-socials from entering and wandering around your neighborhood. Good communities install CCTV cameras to monitor everyone’s entries and exits.

Peaceful & traffic-free

Residences built right in the middle of a bustling city may be great in terms of proximity, but not tranquility. As soon as one steps out of their homes, people who live in a gated community have to deal with the noise of rush hour traffic, hordes of people in transit, and crowds strolling around malls and restaurants – an unfortunate downside to living close to everything that matters. Now and again, the movement gets so awful that the commotion contacts you even as you settle in for the night.

Sense of community

Everyone wants to live in a good neighborhood where they can live peacefully. Not only have that but the people who buy villas wanted to raise their kids in an environment where the community is great. It will not only help them learn how to behave in society but also makes them good citizens. Nobody wants to live in a bad neighborhood because it has a toxic environment. A bad neighborhood affects the way you think and that can become a problem when dealing with people.
It is also common that gated communities to have a residents’ association that organizes events cultural and recreational events for all the residents. Attending and participating in these increases your opportunity to interact with and form bonds with other people in the neighborhood. When these connections happen, they are not just to increase your number of social media friends, but to take comfort in the fact that you have each other’s backs for any exigency.

Accessible amenities

A well-meaning developer understands the importance of creating a community that is not just a place to go home to, but a sanctuary where one can have a well-rounded lifestyle. This is why incorporating amenities is a given; it is important to offer convenience, so residents won’t have to travel far from home for daily errands.
These days, there is hardly any gated community without a kids’ zone or swimming pool. A clubhouse also has a community hall to conduct celebrations and gazebos for relaxation. There is even a commercial space that can be used to set up shops for groceries, laundry, eateries, and more.

Greener environment

Living within or close to downtown areas comes with a few advantages but the residents must live with the noise and air pollution, deafening traffic noise, filth, and chaos. However, in the case of a gated community, there are green spaces in a serene setting. The presence of trees and shrubs in these green open spaces ensures one can constantly breathe clean air.

Better home value

If you are purchasing a Custom-built Villas with the intention of selling it later, you will find it easier to find a buyer, especially if you pick a gated community with a trusted builder. Also, when a gated community is located close to a zone that is being developed, it often increases the perceived value of the home so you can sell it for a decent profit.

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Sai Srushti Sangamam scores on all the ideal factors by providing good community living, lifestyle, health, exclusivity, prestige, open spaces, a good life for children, and is secured. Please check the Master Plan and contact Sangamam now for the best residential plot in and around Hosur!