Sai Sruthi Sangamam

Sense of Community

When you think about the advantages of a gated community, you tend to come across the same people day in and day out. Hence, it’s hard not to develop a level of communication with them. This is particularly true when you move into a gated community dedicated to particular strata of the society — whether it is for young couples, new parents, or foreign retirees. Once you move in, you might meet a couple with a child the same age as yours, another resident who you can share cooking tips with, or someone who likes vintage cars as much as you do. When you find common ground with your neighbor, you will likely develop a certain relationship with them.
It is also common that these communities have a homeowners’ association that organizes events cultural and recreational events for all the residents. Attending and participating in these increases your opportunity to interact with and form bonds with other people in the neighborhood. When these connections happen, they are not just to increase your number of social media friends, but to take comfort in the fact that you have each other’s backs for any exigency.